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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Helena's 8Ksims Hair for Teen~Elder Unisex [Converted] [Hat Compatibility Fixed]

It's a test of hair conversion from S3 and you can see it's succeed.

All default colors included.
Hat compatible.(2014/10/12 Mesh adjusted for hat compatibility)

Teen ~ Elder, Male & Female compatible.

Download from my Google Driver (Hat compatibility fixed)

Remember: For this kind of hair with transparency, you need to turn off notebook mode.

Converted from S3 package by Tumtum
Original S2 Mesh by 8Ksims (Site down) and edits by Helena


  1. can you please do some female conversions for sims 4?

  2. Umm,the hair is glitched out,in CAS it looks fine but in-game it's glitched bad,just thought I'll let you know :P

    1. What kind of glitch? Mine is fine in live mode.

    2. False alarm lol,turns out it was because I was in laptop mode XD

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  4. Thank you so much for this! I promoted it on my blog

  5. I'll wait untill you show download link plss

  6. Does this work with other custom content? Because in live mode its glitches and in CAS mode its normal..