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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Converting S3 Hair to S4

For converting S3 hair to S4 hair, you'll need.....

Milkshape 3D 1.8.5
Q-Mesh SIMS 3 Geom plugins for Milkshape

Photoshop or GIMP
dds plugin

Optional if you know how to edit UV mapping in milkshape or other software
Blender 2.63
geom plugin for blender 2.63

I supposed you already know......
1. how to export, import files in s3pe and s4pe.
2. how to setup the plugins for Milkshape, Blender and Photoshop.
3. how to import, export geom files in Blender and Milkshape.
4. the basic operation of Blender and Milkshape.

Here we go~~~

1. Use s3pe to export the geom of all LODs and textures.

2. Clone any one of the hair in S4CasTools.

3. Switch to Package Mesh Import/Export, export LOD0, 0_1, 0_2 to S3 package.
Which are used as combination with different hats or no hats. You may import them into Milkshape or Blender to see which one is for.

4. Open Blender 2.63, import the S3 hair geom. Select the hair and enter Edit mode by pressing TAB. Then press A to select all the vertex.
*** If you know how to edit UV mapping in 3DS or other software, you can use milkshape to import geom and export obj (or other format), then edit the UV mapping in your software.***

 5. Switch to UV mode.

 6. Create a new image and set the width to 1024 and height to 2048.

 7. In TS4, we can use only the upper-left 1/8 part (512x512 px) for hair texture so here we need to change the UV size to that region.
Select all the UV by pressing A, and change the size and position to that place.
You can use keyboard S to scale and G to move.

8. Export UV layout. We'll need it to re-locate the texture.
(You can edit your texture then import into blender then adjust the UV mapping to match the texture....whatever)

9. Back to 3D view and export the edited mesh back to geom. If there's no error message, congratulations!!!

However, you may encounter errors in this step with lots of S3 CCs. If this happens, export it to OBJ files.

10. Now open Milkshape. First import the S4>S3 hair then import the obj file.

11. Copy all the comment content of hair geom into obj item's comment.
***Important!!! Otherwise it will crash your game.***

 12. Delete the S4 hair geom. Re-assign vertex to the bone. Then export it back to S3 geom format.

 13. Back to S4CasTools, convert it to S4 format.
Do NOT choose S4 geom as reference.

14. Import it back to the package then save.

15. Resize your texture and alpha, and recolor....blahblah...Then import it into the package in s4pe.

16. In s4pe, find the geom you imported. Click Grid and change the shader to SimGlass if you need transparency on the hair.

17. Test it in game.

18. Do as the same for other LODs. Cut out or shrink some vertex for Hat-compatible for LODx and LODx_1 subtypes. This one can be the most difficult part though...
And you're done with an S3 hair.

Remember: SimGlass shader still have some see-through issues....


  1. Hey! First I'd like to thank you for your awesome tutorial and your ccs :3
    Second I want to ask something, do I have to create a face in milkshape 3d when I import geoms?
    Thank you :3

  2. I can't import the sims3 geom to blender! I always get an error! It's driving me nuts!

    1. You may first import it into milkshape, export to obj, and so you can import the obj into blender.

  3. Could you maybe explain this more indepth again? :( Or even do a video on it? Cause I didn't understand anything because it jumps over steps :/

  4. i agree with ayeyo could you please give us a video turorial or a more detailed explanation its pretty difficult to understand espacially when your new :( , we would be very thankful ,

  5. I need more details about the texture and alpha part, I converted one and it's worked...almost...Hairs are invisible in my game...

  6. in my game as the hairstyle is invisible, to the recoloring is the texture of sims4 or that of sims3 hair

  7. hello I could spread your tutorial on a website (sims artist) I am French and I would like if possible to translate it, because I have difficulty with English

  8. hi culd u make a more detaild vedeo tutorial cuz i dont get enything like do i have to export the geom files to a file or packege and do i need to make a packege its realy confiusing please help i culd't even manege the first 3 steps

  9. We beg you for a video tutorial :( please!! thank u for this tutorial I just cant manage to do the uv map and assing vertex to the bone parts

  10. hello
    I do not understand the tutorial :(
    Would someone please make a video tutorial too please

  11. how do you use s3pe to export the geom of all LODs and textures?

  12. This is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you very much.
    Also that test hair, the last picture.. I want it xD Could I ask who created it? :)

  13. I have no experience in making/converting cc so could you possibly make a video tutorial or one in more depth

  14. Could you at least make a video I don't understand some of the steps.

  15. Hello! In part to import Geom gives error in blender, but I made part of MilkShape and it worked, I went back to blender with files in .obj and loaded, but they are 3 files, what do I do? 3 care once only? more detail please, I could not understand some things: / thanks!

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  17. Does Zbrush works when doing this instead of Blender?

  18. hello
    when i hit "convert" in TS4 mesh tool to convert S3 geom to S4
    it pops up a message says "must select a S4 reference mesh"
    I don't know what to select 0.o ....
    can't process without a "reference"

  19. do you take any conversion requests?
    I'm even willing to pay.
    I need a TS3 hair converted for TS4.
    i hope you could help me out.

  20. when i say convert s3 geom to s4 geom it saves it as a geom file. Why can't I save the package file??? and of course I can't open the geom file in S4PE

    1. Hi

      The simgeom is the mesh file.

      After converting S3 Geom to S4 Geom in S4CAStools, you need to open the package file in there, and then import the Geom to the correct LOD. It's probably lod 0_2

  21. I need help please. The CAS TOOL programme is updated and looks nothing like the pictures in the tutorial therefore Im stuck on step 13. as there is no tab that says GEOM/CONVERT